Why You Must Choose Wood Floor Tiles Over Wooden Flooring?

We are sure that when deciding on a flooring option, wood flooring must have crossed your mind at least once. After all, because of the benefits it provides, wood floor tiles are one of the most popular tiling solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. To be honest, there are hundreds of reasons to choose wood floor tiles. However, in order to spare you time and effort, rather than naming each one, we will concentrate on and learn only the top 8.

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Why Choose Wood Floor Tiles Over Wooden Flooring

Top 8 Reasons to Choose Wood Floor Tiles

Rather than focusing solely on the advantages of wooden floor tiles, we will examine how wood floor tiles outperform wooden flooring.


Does Not Harm Environment

The first major advantage of wood floor tiles over hardwood or natural wood is that they do not harm the environment . When you choose real wood, you are directly contributing to environmental damage since hardwood is obtained by cutting down trees.

On the other hand, when you choose wooden tiles, you don't have to feel guilty because they are made from the same clay and other materials as other porcelain tiles. Given the global warming and other environmental crises that the world is experiencing, it is recommended that you always choose wood tiles over real wood.


Comparatively Affordable

Not only are wood floor tiles environmentally friendly, but they are also quite cheaper in comparison to hardwood flooring. Because of severe government regulations governing wood cutting in order to protect the environment, hardwood production is falling while prices are rising.

On the other hand, porcelain wood tiles are priced the same as other tiles because they are manufactured with the same materials and processes as other porcelain tiles. Furthermore, as there are no restrictions on tile manufacture, there is always enough supply to ensure no price inflation.


Easy To Maintain & Care

One of the major weaknesses of wooden flooring is that it is difficult to maintain due to various factors such as uneven surface, low resilience to weather conditions, and is greatly impacted by moisture. These limitations frequently cause you to second-guess yourself. This is just another reason why wood floor tiles should be preferred over the hardwood flooring.

Wood-look porcelain tiles are relatively easy to maintain because they have an even surface, are highly resistant to weather, and have a low absorption rate. All of these factors combine to make wood tiles an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor flooring.


Available In a Range of Patterns

Another advantage of wood floor tiles over wooden flooring is the availability of a multitude of exquisite and captivating patterns. When it comes to actual wood, your options are extremely limited. However, when it comes to porcelain tiles, the options are endless. Not only can you choose from a variety of patterns, but you can also choose from a variety of textures like gloss and matt finishes.

Ultimately, the variety of patterns allows you to select the best wood floor tiles that perfectly complement your theme and blend in with the d├ęcor. The variety of designs also allows you to test out numerous flooring ideas and choose the best one.


Withstand Odd Weather Conditions

It is common knowledge that wooden flooring is susceptible to weather conditions and is readily damaged. For example, during the monsoon season, it is difficult to maintain or protect real wood from moisture. Moreover, you cannot use wood in a bathroom, kitchen, or other comparable areas that often come into contact with water.

On the other hand, Wood floor tiles are resistant to weather and are unaffected by water or moisture due to their low absorption rate. This will protect the wood porcelain tiles from harm and improve their life.


Matt Tiles For Splashback

Another key advantage of wood floor tiles is their ease of repair and replacement. For example, if a section of the floor or individual tiles gets broken, you can immediately replace them with new ones at a low cost. Also, you will just need to replace those specific tiles, not the entire floor.

On the other hand, real wood or hardwood flooring is difficult to repair and replace since you must replace the entire section of wood. This is not only difficult and time-consuming but also costly. Ultimately, just like installation, fixing wooden flooring is an expensive and difficult task.


Highly Durable

We are not saying that hardwood is not durable; in fact, it is a highly robust product; however, due to limitations such as low moisture resistance and the possibility of rot, they are less durable than wood floor tiles.

On the other hand, porcelain tiles are highly durable due to their resistance to extreme weather conditions, capacity to withstand heavy wear and tear, and use of high-quality materials. Higher durability results in longer life duration and lower maintenance costs.


Quick Installation

The last major benefit of wood floor tiles over wood flooring is their ease of installation. Since these tiles are similar to other porcelain floor tiles, all you have to do is follow the standard installation methods. Installing them does not necessitate any additional knowledge or skill. Moreover, they are quite easy to transport from one location to another.

On the other hand, real wood is difficult to transport and install because it might be huge in size and requires special care. Moreover, if your location is above the first storey, the installation gets more difficult.

All of these 8 benefits of wood floor tiles demonstrate why porcelain tiles are a superior option to hardwood flooring.

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