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Over the past few years, Graystone Ceramic has successfully established itself as the leading floor tiles manufacturer in India. Along with all other tiles, our floor tiles for outdoor are known for their charismatic designs and superior strength. Outdoor tiles are a suitable substitute for outdoor areas, including parking, entrance, terrace, gardens, commercial properties, etc. Unlike indoor floor tiles, outdoor floor tiles possess higher strength and can sustain against the high volume of activities and footfalls.

Outdoor floor tiles exhibit some significant and unique properties, making them an ideal fit for outdoor solutions. Some of the notable qualities include a low-absorption rate, anti-skid surface, high durability, and potential to withstand climatic odds. Along with high footfall areas, floor tiles for outdoor are also favored for wet exteriors, such as the swimming pool, where having an anti-skid surface is considered the primary and essential requirement.

At Graystone Ceramic– a leading floor tiles manufacturer, we follow all the international guidelines and use advanced level machinery to produce supreme quality floor tiles for outdoor. Our experienced and skilled workforce, competent R&D team, and willingness to create the finest products are other ingredients that empower us to create the best outdoor tiles in India.

To suffice the diverse needs of various applications, we offer a range of different sizes. Porcelain Tiles 60x60cm and Porcelain Tiles 60x120cm are two of our most popular & preferred floor tiles for outdoor, which are suitable for multiple spaces and outdoor applications. 600x600mm or 60x60cm porcelain tiles are mostly preferred for outdoor areas such as parking, garden, garage, etc. whereas, 600x1200mm or 60x120cm tiles are suitable for indoor spaces including bedroom, living room, or kitchen.

In addition to various sizes & styles, we also offer quite a number of stunning and striking finishes for floor tiles for outdoor that will perfectly complement your exterior interior as well as exterior designs. Wooden strip tiles, wood floor tiles, and Matt floor tiles are among the few of the varied outdoor tile finishes that we manufacture and supply across the globe. Not to mention, all these finishes have their own beauty.

Inspired by nature, natural-looking wooden strip tiles or wood floor tiles will help you give a modern makeover to your place, besides adding a rich and aesthetic touch to the overall space. On the other hand, matt floor tiles are better suited for wet surfaces like bathrooms and outdoor areas like swimming pools and are ideal for places with exceptional lighting designs.

As urbanization increases, more and more homeowners get attracted to aesthetic tiles. Outdoor areas, which were bare for so long, started getting covered with attractive tiles. These outdoor tiles are specially manufactured with extra strength and a low absorption rate to withstand traffic and last for a long time without needing regular maintenance.

Tiles Features That Make Them Suitable For Outdoor

1. Anti-skid property: Floor tiles for the outdoor areas are in general expected to provide stability because of the external environment. So an ant-skid property is crucial for outdoor tiles which prevent slipping while walking in the outdoor area.

2. High strength: Floor tiles for outdoor areas are generally packed with a lot of strength. These tiles are durable and can withstand great environmental stress and heavy load.

3. Low Absorption rate: Since these tiles are installed in an outdoor area they need to be water-resistant. A low water absorption rate allows these tiles to sustain during rain. Additionally, for homes with swimming pools, this property becomes quite crucial because of the continuous exposure to water.

4. Scratch resistance: Floor tiles for outdoor areas are constantly under foot traffic or vehicle traffic. Thus, these tiles are made scratch resistant to maintain their aesthetics for a long time.

A Guide To Selecting The Best Outdoor Floor Tiles

Whatever the occasion might be, the availability of so much variety can become a bit overwhelming for you. To help you select the ideal floor tiles for your outdoor area here is a guide:

1. Measure the space: Measure the area that you want to be covered with tiles. The space can include a parking lot, swimming pool area, football area, garden area, balcony area, and many more!

2. Select the right type: One of the most popular options for outdoor tiles is porcelain tiles. These types of tiles have incredible strength and can withstand enormous pressure.

3. Select appropriate size: Generally, for indoor tiles, which are comparatively compact, 600x600MM tiles are used. For large outdoor areas, 600x1200MM tiles are used, which can help you cover a large area with the help of fewer tiles.

4. Choose a suitable design: Depending upon the application, you can select the designs of the floor tile. For example, If it is the parking area, go for something minimalist to make it look spacious, for the garden area you can go for unconventional patterns to give a fresh look.

5. The finishes: We have several finishes available for you, each with its own attractive aesthetics. You can opt for the wooden finish, wood strip finish, matte finish, and more. Essentially you can decorate your outdoor area as you wish.

Different Types of Floor Tiles For Outdoor Space

1. Porcelain tiles: The most popular choice among homeowners is porcelain tiles as these tiles are packed with incredible strength and can last for a long time. These tiles can also withstand enormous traffic thus making them an ideal choice for outdoor areas.

2. Ceramic tiles: It is a great cost-effective alternative to porcelain tiles. Ceramic tiles are incredibly versatile and can be found for a fraction of the cost. These tiles also have good strength, however, they are relatively lower as compared to porcelain tiles.

3. Vitrified Tiles: These are another popular type of tiles for outdoor areas as they are dense, hard, and non-porous. These tiles are available in many different patterns and designs.

Outstanding Outdoor Floor Tiles