Most Trending Colors of Floor Tiles For 2022
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Is it happens when you come into the space and suddenly your mood has changed? It is the power of colors that influence your mind with positive vibes and changes your mood. Colors play the important role to change our mood and reactions.

You must choose a color for your floor tiles according to trends as well as that suits your space as you daily walk on it. Before choosing any color for your floor you must take care about the size of the area and choose best color with their combinations.

Firstly, let’s have a look at color psychology to choose tile for your application as colors play the most important role in our daily life.

For porcelain floor tiles, you must decide what type of ambiance you want to create in that particular area before choosing any color. Because it is scientifically proven that colors represent your personality and vibes even it is shown how you feel and behave.

Color Psychology Chart

Color Floor Tiles Psychology Chart

It is suggested that choose a tile color that reflects your personality and you will enjoy looking at it daily. Colors affect the human mind as per their characteristics, warm colors such as Red, yellow, and orange gives a warm feeling, and cool colors such as violet, blue, and green feel cool and calm.

Let’s have a look at 5 porcelain floor tiles color which are booming in 2022.

Top 5 Trending Colors for Floor Tiles

Here are the 5 trending colors to make your area more attractive as per their specialty. Pick an accurate color and their combination for floor tiles.


Are you looking for the color between white and black for your flooring? Grey is the middle color between white and black. Grey indicates and shows your neutrality and balances both vibes of your space. Nowadays, Grey becomes the most popular for flooring and it is an ideal choice for the modern era. 

To making conducive today's lifestyle, grey porcelain tiles set a simple and stable tone for your flooring. The combination of grey and light white makes you calm and energetic. 


White color represents purity, positivity, and excellence. This color provides peace and glory vibe. White is evergreen color and doesn’t go out of the style. It is impossible to find a color that can spark a floor like white floor porcelain tiles. 

Using white floor tiles in your bathroom, living room, and other small areas makes it seem to relax and wider. The combination of white color tiles with Black and Grey makes your surface elegant and feel comfortable.


The black color of tiles represents luxuriousness and elegance. Most people think black porcelain tiles or any dark color will darken a space or surface, but the fact is that a surface will appear brighter if the dark tile is reflective.

Today’s youngster is becoming fonder of this moody and stylish color even black is the ideal color for industrial areas. As we know black is the color that goes with every color and gets a stylish appearance to your surface. This color is mostly used in the bathroom and other areas.


The color blue is spiritual because it is indicated by divinity as a source of pleasure and represents stability, tranquility, calmness, and gives beachy look. It is scientifically proven that blue color tiles maintain your heartbeats. Blue porcelain floor tiles help to stay focused with productivity and to get relax after a whole day's work.

This gorgeous color is generating quite a buzz in the interior design world. A combination of brown and off-white color with blue porcelain floor tiles gives a refreshing atmosphere to your area. It is appropriate to use blue color tile in the bathroom, living rooms, and other areas.  


Brown is the color that feels as you wear crown by its down-to-earth attitude, neutrality, and elegancy also it has a sense of compactness and worthiness. Brown is the color of the wood that gives the natural look too.

Brown is trending from ancient and also gives a traditional and modern look to your area like living room, porch area, kitchens, etc. Blue and brown are perfect to make your area calm, modern, and comfortable.

Here are the top 5 trending colors in the year 2022. Pick the floor tiles according to your preference of colors and get up-to-date with trends. Graystone Ceramic has lots of choices of floor porcelain tiles as per color, size, and style. Contact us for more details.

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