7 Outdoor Floor Tiles You Must Consider For Your Home

7 unique floor tiles for outdoor that you should consider for outdoor flooring areas. All of these outdoor flooring solutions are highly durable and stunning. Buy now from Graystone Ceramic.

A home is more than just the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and hallway. It also involves an outdoor area. After all, it is the point of entry into the home and generates the first impression. For this reason, it is critical that you place as much emphasis on its design as you do on the interior. You should take care of everything, from the outlay to the flooring to the color, to make it look appealing. Besides, it should also be aligned with the theme.

In this post, we will look at the 7 outdoor floor tiles that you should consider for outdoor flooring areas such as a patio. All of these outdoor flooring solutions are highly durable and stunning.

7 Outdoor Floor Tiles You Must Consider For Your Home

7 unique outdoor floor tiles for home

1. Matt Floor Tiles For Outdoor

Matt floor tiles have long been a popular choice for outdoor flooring. Its characteristics include the potential to camouflage smudges and stains, being anti-slippery, having a natural & rustic appearance, and having high durability, among others. All of these characteristics combine to make matt tiles an excellent choice for outdoor flooring.

Moreover, unlike glazed tiles, matt floor tiles for outdoor use do not require frequent cleaning. This will save money on maintenance. Also, if you want a natural and rustic style, matt tiles can meet these criteria better than any other tile. Overall, improved grip, a rustic feel, low maintenance, and slip resistance are some of the key reasons why matt tiles are ideal for outdoor floor tiles.

2. Stone Look Floor Tiles For Outdoor

If you are looking for something more interesting than matt tiles, stone look tiles are the way to go. However, keep in mind that we're discussing stone look tiles here, not natural stone tiles. The stone design floor tiles have a similar look to natural stone and are far more affordable than natural stone.

The stone look floor tiles for outdoor will add a luxurious yet natural appeal to the space. Moreover, it has all of the features of porcelain tiles, such as high durability, low absorption rate, ease of cleaning, and so on. Moreover, the multitude of colors and styles available in stone look outdoor floor tiles allows you to select the best tiles to match your theme.

3. Fusion Floor Tiles For Outdoor

Fusion tiles are another excellent outdoor floor tile option that you should consider without hesitation. Fusion surface tiles are made by combining matt and gloss in veins. These carving effect tiles include fissures and grains across the surface, which are otherwise only found in natural marbles and wood.

In a nutshell, choosing fusion floor tiles for outdoor use will provide you with all of the benefits of natural marbles at a far lesser cost! Along with the marble look, you also receive the benefits of porcelain tiles since these tiles are nothing but porcelain tiles.

4. Indian Look Floor Tiles For Outdoor

If you are looking for something more traditional for outdoor flooring, Indian look floor tiles are the way to go. Indian look tiles are basically tiles with Indian motifs or patterns on the surface. These tiles have everything you can imagine– it is elegant, of great quality, and has a long lifespan.

Moreover, when compared to all the other floor tiles for outdoor that we've discussed above, these tiles have the most diverse collection. Meaning, you can select a different pattern or style for each room or area. This will give each room a unique appearance. Not to mention, because these tiles are porcelain tiles, you will receive all of the benefits of porcelain tiles in addition to their aesthetic qualities.

5. Travertine Floor Tiles For Outdoor

Travertine tiles have long been used for outdoor applications such as patios, pool areas, garden walkways, and stair steps. Some of the characteristics that contribute to its fame are durability, multiple colors, and ease of cutting and shaping. Moreover, these travertine floor tiles for outdoor use are considerably resistant to heat and pressure.

Another benefit of travertine outdoor floor tiles is that the surface is somewhat pitted, making it slip-resistant. For outdoor applications such as patios, we recommend travertine from Turkey or Italy since it is more water-resistant. When properly laid, travertine tiles can transform your home's entrance into a work of art.

6. Limestone Floor Tiles For Outdoor

When it comes to natural stone material, limestone sits at the top. Limestone floor tiles are attractive, weather-resistant, strong, and subtle in look. The natural touch that this flooring option provides adds a unique touch to the overall space. Moreover, when compared to actual limestone, limestone floor tiles for outdoor use are more affordable and available in a multitude of patterns and colors.

This ultimately allows customers and designers to select their favorite patterns that complement the theme. Overall, when you choose limestone outdoor floor tiles, you receive the benefits of porcelain tiles as well as the look of natural limestone.

7. Terracotta Floor Tiles For Outdoor

Terracotta tiles are the final contender on our list of "best floor tiles for outdoor." Terracotta tiles provide a stylish and rustic charm to the outdoor space, as well as a touch of the medieval era to the home. The glazed terracotta tiles are water-resistant and prevent the tiles from getting damaged or decayed due to water absorption.

These tiles can withstand heavy footfall for years. However, keep in mind that these tiles must be thoroughly sealed using quality sealants between the tiles. Moreover, these tiles do not get discolored by UV rays or other environmental factors. Also, its ease of maintenance and versatility further contribute to its popularity.

This brings us to the end of our list of the best floor tiles for outdoor. If you are going to renovate your outside space or build a new home, you must think about the outdoor floor tiles listed above.

Graystone Ceramic is a reputed floor tile manufacturer in India, producing high-quality tiles with multiple finishes, including matt finish, fusion finish, wood finish, Indian look, and others. In addition, the company offers a wide range of sizes and ships its products worldwide. Contact us to learn more about its services and policies.

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