How To Select The Perfect Floor Tiles For Home
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Home interior is undoubtedly one of the most important jobs for a homeowner because it represents the character and personality of the same. Flooring is an important aspect of a home interior. As the market for tiles has increased, various options are also increasing. So how does one select the most ideal and complementing floor tiles for their homes?

Today we attempt to answer this question by breaking them down into points and factors to consider. There are several factors one must keep in mind when selecting the perfect porcelain floor tiles. Let’s know all these things in detail.

Factors To Consider While Selecting Ideal Porcelain Floor Tile

As discussed, there are several factors one must keep in mind when selecting the ideal floor tile for their home. Following these factors will enable the homeowner to narrow down the options and have an easier time opting for the right choice. Consider the following factors:


Go For Something Popular

Moving with sheep is not always wrong. Sometimes the crowd is right and when it comes to home décor and tile selection it is always a safe bet to select the porcelain floor tiles from a reputed brand. Graystone ceramic is reputed in PAN India and offers an amazing selection of a variety of tiles. There are several popular options to select for floor tiles for the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.


Know The Requirements

There are several different designs and sizes of tiles available in the market. Try to select the best tile style and finish for each space. For example, wood floor tiles and wooden strip tiles are popular & suitable for living rooms. For bathrooms, something white is recommended for a clean and bright look. Kitchens can be versatile so experiment with contrast and character. For bedrooms, we recommend matt floor tiles to enhance the overall visuals of the bedroom and reflect personality even more strongly.


Analyse The Space And Determine The Look

This factor will determine what character you want to impart in your interior. Essentially this means picking the correct color combination and size for the room. PRO TIP: order some extra tiles to cover for waste, this will ensure that the entire space is covered with porcelain floor tiles.


Have A Clear Picture Of What You Want

You must have a concrete idea or at least the direction that you want to go in. Your interior is a reflection of your character and personality. Hence, decorating the interior always requires proper thinking by the homeowners. A satisfying and contemporary style, either modern or classic vintage, is the priority for homeowners.

Once everything is ready, make the purchase and ensure that the floor does not have any irregularities. Install your selection of tiles and give your home a strong character.

Evolution of Floor Tiles And Their Importance

Flooring tiles have experienced quite some changes over time. Mainly because of the change in technologies and production of it. The number of tiles available in the market can be a bit overwhelming for homeowners but if you know the answer to the question “how to look?” then you won’t have any problem figuring out which tiles work the best for you. Certain contemporary tiles never go out of trend such as wooden strip tiles and wood floor tiles.

Floor tiles signify the personality of the homeowner which is why leading floor tiles manufacturers are leveraging their experience to create exquisite collections of porcelain floor tiles for living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Graystone Ceramics is here to furnish your dreams and provide you with a splendid and trendy collection of tiles. We manufacture high-quality porcelain tiles in 600x600mm and 600x1200mm sizes.

Choosing floor tiles for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom are important decision for homeowners because tiles cannot be replaced frequently. A reflection of character requires a thorough thought process and based on the options available in the market by leading tiles manufacturers, it may become difficult for homeowners to select the perfect tiles for their flooring. So above-mentioned points contain the factors that one must consider to select the best possible porcelain floor tiles with ease.

Graystone Ceramic is a leading manufacturer of porcelain floor tiles exclusively in India. We are a globally acclaimed porcelain tile manufacturer. Our collection comprises exquisite patterns, designs, sizes, and shapes. Such a vast collection allows us to be versatile and makes us one of the fastest-growing tile manufacturers in India. Floor tiles are our area of expertise, so our goal is to deliver high-quality tiles in exclusive finishes.

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