Natural Looking Wood Floor Tiles At Best Price | Graystone Ceramic

Wood floor tiles are the foremost priority to give a realistic wood and natural look to the area, especially in the living room and other areas. Unlike hardwood flooring, wood finish tiles are not only pocket-friendly but also environmentally friendly. In addition, it is very good dirt and scratch-resistant.

Wood look tiles will certainly give a lavish, unique, and sophisticated look to your areas. Also, it is a very versatile tile because it has the ability to resist water and moisture. This helps to save time and money on maintenance and repairs. These floor tiles are suitable for people who want to make their area precious and elegant.

Wood floor tiles flooring tiles has good compatibility to decorate the space and easily match with any type of decor. There are various patterns and styles available, which offer a luxurious appearance to the area.

Wood look tiles have outstanding features including ease of installation, minimal cost, resistance to weather odds, and superior durability which are some of the reasons to prefer wooden finish floor tiles over natural wood. Graystone wood floor tiles are available in two different sizes: 600X600mm and 600X1200mm, with a matt surface.

SURFACES: Matt finish
SIZE: 600x600MM, 600x1200MM / 60x60cm, 60x120cm / 24"x24", 24"x48"
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In general, wood floor tiles are stronger and more durable than natural wooden flooring. Also, these tiles are significantly superior to other tiles because they are very environmentally friendly and give your room a natural appearance.

Wood finish floor tiles are cannot be scratched or otherwise damaged by normal usage; It will not fade, and it is one of the most robust flooring kinds available today.

You won't need to regularly perform damp cleanups when you sweep or vacuum your wood-look tile floors regularly. However, mopping your floor is sometimes advised to eliminate any dirt or grime that sweeping has left behind.

The wood floor tiles are not slippery. But compared to real wooden finishing tiles, it is a little bit slippery.

Wooden tile is maybe the only flooring material that works in every room of the house. It's most commonly seen in kitchens and bathrooms, but it's also found in living rooms, mudrooms, and other high-traffic areas.

If living responsibly, sustainably, and green are important to you, wood look tile is a great option for every room in the house. They are very sustainable and composed of natural materials that do not harm the environment. They are easily manufactured, recyclable, and can be cleaned and maintained without the need for hazardous chemicals.