Anti-slip Matt Floor Tiles For Bathroom And Kitchen | Graystone

Matt floor tiles are an excellent option to give the traditional, rustic and awesome look to the different places in the home. This tile is widely being used to enhance the aesthetic quality of different areas in indoor and outdoor areas. Even it is the most ideal option for the areas in the home that have high activity such as the living room, kitchen, and others.

There are various reason to choose these tiles for your area because it has a great anti-slip surface, exceptional durability and more. Also, with the help of matt finish tile, you can give a realistic effect with the advantage of being lightweight and ease of implementation. In addition, it adds a luxurious look to your home by installing matt floor tiles and creating an entirely new ambiance.

Matt floor tile has diverse advantages including better friction than glossy tiles therefore it is decunt choice for wet areas. We offer 600x600mm and 600x1200mm sizes in this tile which has a very low water absorption rate. One interesting fact is that with all benefits these tiles require low maintenance and it is very great for hiding scratches and stains.

SURFACES: Matt finish
SIZE: 600x600MM, 600x1200MM / 60x60cm, 60x120cm / 24"x24", 24"x48"

Why Choose Matt Floor Tiles?

Graystone ceramic produces matt floor tiles using the latest manufacturing technology. Our matt finish tiles are packed with a ton of features, let us take a look at some of them:.

1. Waterproof: Our matt floor tiles are waterproof, meaning they can sustain in almost every room. Having waterproof property also means that these tiles can last for a long time under watery circumstances.

2. Anti-slip: This matt finish tile is loaded with anti-slip properties. These tiles have more than average friction between feet and the tile meaning more traction. Such traction can help in better control. These features make the tile suitable for children and elders.

3. Aesthetics: Matt floor tiles are incredibly aesthetic and premium in look. These floor tiles can blend with almost any environment and deliver exciting contrast.

4. Low Maintenance: Matt finish tiles require very low maintenance. You do not have to worry about cleaning these tiles every now and then thoroughly. A simple wipe and you are ready to go for at least some time.

5. Resistive Properties: These floor tiles offer scratch and water resistance. These factors contribute to the struggle against environmental stress, thus, making these tiles last longer.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Matt Floor Tiles

As discussed, our floor tiles are available in several different finishes and therefore it is important to scrutinize all the options and select the ones that can resonate with your home's interior or exterior. Here is a guide on how to buy matt floor tiles:

1. Think About Your Requirements: If you are going for a bold and strong look then matt tiles are just the thing for you! These tiles impart an authentic feel to the environment.

2. Best For Modular Homes: Matt floor tiles are uniform in color. These tiles can help to create a beautiful contrast in your home. Homeowners prefer tiles that can create contrast between furniture and tiles.

3. Consider Anti-slip property: Our matt tiles are manufactured with anti-slip properties. Meaning matt finish tiles can be used in interior spaces such as kitchens which are prone to water spills and exterior areas like patios and balconies. These tiles are also waterproof thus making them an ideal choice for bathrooms as well!

4. Determine The Area To Be Covered: It is an important factor when it comes to installing tiles. If you plan to cover your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom, first determine the number of tiles according to the size of the location.

5. Pay Attention To The Look And Feel: The matt floor tiles feel amazing. These tiles give a luxurious look to the environment by blending in with enhancing the entire ambiance and vibe. These tiles are known for their mood-uplifting properties.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It all is dependent on the setting in which you want to lay the tiles. If you want to lay tiles in a place like a bathroom where the flooring is often wet then you can choose matt floor tile. Because it is a slip-resistant tile that prevents accidents. On the other hand, glossy tiles are ideal for living room and bedroom which will bring a distinct charm to your space.

Matt floor tiles have a texture on the surface that makes them rougher and more slip-resistant than other tiles. As a result, it is a great option for bathrooms and other damp areas. Also, matte tiles are very strong and durable which makes them suitable for some outdoor applications as well.

Matt tiles are slip-resistant because they have more friction than gloss tiles. A substance with anti-skid qualities is the best option for bathrooms and other moist areas. However, all these offenses also make matt tiles more difficult to clean.

Although dirt and blemishes are much less noticeable on matte tiles than on glossy tiles, they are more difficult to clean. If any stains have developed, you will need to scrub matt tiles much more vigorously. On the other hand, Gloss tiles can be quickly and effectively cleaned, making it simple to eliminate any stains.

The matt finish floor tiles can be cleaned most effectively using a mild solution of warm water, a tiny bit of soap, and some white vinegar. Most of the time, all you need is a pail of warm water and a tablespoon of detergent or dish soap.

Matte floor tiles are more scratch resistant and stain resistant than other glossy surface tiles. Although these tiles can hide scratches in some cases, they certainly do not prevent them. Additionally, if there are any oily spills or greasy fingerprints, the impact will be greater. If light scratches occur on these types of tiles, they can be removed or reduced by proper cleaning.